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Our Center STIKSIS MEDIATION SERVICES aiming to provide effective mediation services to both legal entities and individuals, in the fields of civil, commercial, family matters. We can offer free presentation to companies and individuals upon request.

21-24 March 2016ODR (online dispute resolution) training for online mediation.

23.02.2016: Amicable settlement in a trade mark passing off case in Larnaca District Court. Both parties agreed and their professional relationships restored. I represented the defendant.

16 May 2015. Training in Cyprus Central Bank regarding Mediation for Bank loans.

October 2014. Received ADRg family mediation training.

1-4 July 2014. Participation to the First World Mediation Summit in Madrid and speech re: ‘’How small claims are dealt in Cyprus’’.

December 2013 Received in Thessaloniki the title from Thessaloniki Mediators Training Institute and the ADRg,  of Accredited Mediator  for civil and commercial matters.






Areas Of Practice


Formation and Management of Legal Entities, Companies, Business Names, Partnerships & Commercial contracts.


National, Community and International Trade Marks, Registration & Validation of Patents, Registration of Designs. Intellectual Property Ligitation.


Property contracts of purchasing or selling of property, acquisition of immovable property by aliens ( EU & Non - EU citizens ).


Civil Ligitation, debt collection, Family Law litigation.


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